Timber Logs sawn (602)

1. Required Documentation

1. IECD Application Form (Indent) issued by the Department of Import and Export Control should be duly signed by the   exporter and affixed with a seal.

2. i. Where the exporter is an organization,

  • Original and a photocopy of the Certificate of Registration of Business (It suffices to submit these documents only at the first instance.)

    ii. Where the exporter is an individual,

  • National Identity Card and its photocopy

3. Commercial Invoice issued by the Exporter or Supplier and it should include the following details :

  • Names and addresses of the exporter and Importer
  • Details of the good or commodity, quantity and value
  • Number, Date and Currency

 4. Permit of the Department of Forest Reservation

2. Procedure

  • Submit the above documents required to obtain the license to the counter of the relevant Unit in dplicate
  • Make payments to the Shroff  using the Paying-in-Voucher issued by the counter for approved documents    
  • Submit the receipt issued for the payment to the counter
  • After printing and signing the license, obtain the license from the Counter and its photocopies affixed with the seal confirming the issuance of the license

3. License Fees

  • Rs. 2000.00 + Value Added Tax

4. Customs Classification Codes