Torn Timber (602)

1. Required Documentation

1. IECD-04 Application Form (Indent) issued by the Department of Import and Export Control should be duly signed by the importer and affixed with a seal.

2. i. Where the importer is an organization,

  • Original and a photocopy of the Certificate of Registration of Business (It suffices to submit these documents only at the first instance.)

    ii. Where the importer is an individual,

  • National Identity Card and its photocopy

3. Pro forma Invoice issued by the Exporter or Supplier and it should include the following details :

  • Names and addresses of the exporter and Importer
  • Details of the good or commodity, quantity and value
  • Country of origin
  • Country of shipment

 4. Recommendation of the Department of Forest Reservation

2. Procedure

  • Submit the above documents required to obtain the license to the counter of the relevant Unit
  • Make payments to the Shroff  using the Paying-in-Voucher issued by the counter for approved documents    
  • Submit the receipt issued for the payment to the counter
  • After printing and signing the license, obtain the license from the Counter and its photocopies affixed with the seal confirming the issuance of the license

3. License Fees

  • Rs. 2000.00 + Value Added Tax