Regulation of Imports and Exports towards a Sustainably Developed Country.


Implementation of import and export policy decisions taken by the government from time to time in relation to security, economy, public health and environment etc. of the country in accordance with the Import and Export Control Act No.1 of 1969


  • Publish or make regulations required to implement government policies on import and export.
  • Control of the importation and exportation of selected commodities or items subject to issuance of import and export licenses.
  • Assist the Director General of the Customs and Banks pertaining matter on import and export control regulations.
  • Issuing operational instructions related to import and export control regulations to the commercial banks.


  • During the year 2016, the mission of the Department was accomplished by way of issuing 15498 licenses for the benefit of the country and its economy, subject to the import s and export control.
  • Regularization of import control by debits subsequent to the receipt of verification that the goods were imported in compliance with the license.
  • Granting licenses on the basis of foreign exchange not being spent on importation as per the import and export control policies.
  • Giving necessary assistance to the Director General of the Customs and the Controller of Exchange in the event of noncompliance with import and export control regulations.
  • Issuance Operational guidelines pertaining to import and export control to the commercial bank.
  • Collection of revenue amount of Rs. 1370 million as license fee and crediting the amount to the Consolidated Fund.