The Unit issues and debits import licenses for western medicine, veterinary medicine, homeopathic medicine and surgical equipment.

The Unit issues and debits import licenses for used vehicles and vehicle parts.

The Unit issues and debits import licenses for industrial chemicals, petroleum oils and allied products, pesticides and herbicides, radioactive elements, alcohol, spirit and allied products.

The Unit issues and debits import licenses for communication equipment including mobile phones, computers, air conditioners, refrigerant gases and remote controlled items.

The Unit issues and debits import licenses for imports including animal and animal products, mackerel and canned fish, energy drinks, tea, cereals, fish bait, firearms and explosives, sports equipment, used clothes, furniture, sludge oil, cigarette papers, coins, plastic food containers. The Unit also issues export licenses for scrap metal and torn timber.

  • Deal with establishment matters of all the officers of the Department.
  • Maintain the cadre of the Department
  • Obtain the Declarations of Assets and Liabilities from the officers and keep them in safe custody
  • Secure and update details on leave of the staff, using the Finger Print Machine
  • Check accuracy of daily pay and overtime pay
  • Issue railway warrants
  • Perform activities related to payment of Agrahara insurance claims
  • Update and protect personal files of officers of all categories
  • Exchange correspondence between the Department and the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Public Service Commission, Ministry of Public Administration and related Ministries and Commissions 
  • Perform activities with regard to transfers, examinations, retirements etc.
  • Carry out activities with regard to training courses (local and foreign), seminars
  • Purchase of newspapers and carry out activities with regard to building rent, disposal of litter, supply of water and electricity, cleaning of the office, duties on keys, obtaining of security services and maintenance of registers, transportation, issue of fuel and maintenance of related files 
  • Attend to the daily post
  • Carry out activities related to grant of loans and maintenance of registers
  • Settle telephone bills
  • Hold the custody to the Postal Franking Machine 
  • Make purchases, prepare estimates on house rent and maintain service agreements. 
  • Grant of Approval for Imports on Non Foreign Exchange Basis
  • Grant of approval for advance payment
  • Grant of Approval for Payments on the basis of Documents against Acceptance (D/A) and Open Accounts
  • Grant of Approval for Re-exports
  • Grant of Approval to Director General of Customs and the Commercial Bank where import and export control regulations are violated
  • Prepare and submit Annual Estimates of Expenditure to the Department of Budget, properly maintain the Expenditure Ledger to ensure control of approved allocations, obtain supplementary allocations for objects with insufficient allocations made available by the Budget, secure approval for transfer of allocations to such objects in terms of Financial Regulations-66
  • Prepare Annual Estimates on revenue to be collected in terms of Import and Export Control Act No. 01 of 1969, submit same for approval to the Department of Budget of the General Treasury, revise Estimates of Revenue, collect and make entries of revenue in the relevant Ledger and bank such revenue 
  • Properly maintain the Main Cash Ledger with regard to income and expenditure
  • Carry out activities on maintaining Official Bank Accounts of the Department of Import and Export Control
  • Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement of the Department of Import and Export Control on monthly basis and send it to the Auditor General, with copies to the Secretary, Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade and Department of Public Accounts of the General Treasury 
  • Ensure preparation and payment of monthly salaries of the officers of the Department using Pay Roll Program 
  • Certify and make payments for the vouchers submitted with regard to recurrent and capital expenditure
  • Certify and make payments for the vouchers submitted under Public Servants’ Advance Account
  • Prepare Monthly Summaries of Accounts and send them to the Treasury using CIGAS Program
  • Secure approval from the Department of Treasury Operations and make refunds out of government revenue
  • Deposit Value Added Tax, Nation Building Tax and Stamp Duty in the General Deposit Account and transfer same to the Department of Inland Revenue within the stipulated time period
  • Submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports on such tax to the Department of Inland Revenue within the stipulated timeframe 
  • Conduct the Annual Board of Survey within the stipulated period and prepare and submit relevant reports to the Department of Public Finance and Auditor General
  • Maintain stores of stationery and inventories


This Division is functioning under the purview of evaluating the internal controll systems in the Department in accordance with the Financial and Establishment Regulations, Circular Instructions and Guidelines in order to carry out the financial, management and system audit which are entrusted in terms of the para (40) and (41) of the National Audit Act 2018 and FR (128) and (133) of the Financial Regulations, with the direct supervision of the Controller General of the Department.

The activities of the Internal Audit Division proceed with the Internal Audit Plan which is prepared annually and divided into four quarters of the year.

The purpose, authority and responsibility of the Internal Audit activity define in the Internal Audit Charter of the Department.  [PDF]


Key Functions of the Division

  • Review the Internal Control Systems and suggest recommendations to develop the controlling systems to prevent errors and irregularities.
  • Review the existing policies of issuing Imports and Exports licenses and suggest recommendations to improve the policies.
  • Ascertain the historical transactions and report the fairness, efficiency and effectiveness of the transaction.
  • Provide required assistance to carry out the level of performance of the staff in discharging their responsibilities of the Department functions.
  • Conduct the Internal Audit inspections and investigations whenever required.
  • Organize the Audit Management Committee Meeting (AMC) at the Department
  • Assist Controller General to perform the financial and resource management of the Department

The Information & Communication Technology Division which is responsible for management of the Information and communication including websites, Local Area Network, Online Licensing System, Databases, and Computer Hardware and Software Management, ICT Procurement Administration and involved with various reform oriented ICT Project Management.

Key Functions of the Division

  • Provision of email and internet service to the staff of the Department.
  • Development and Maintenance of the Department website.
  • Development of databases and relevant software for the division of the Department.
  • Maintenance of the computers and Local Area Network of the Department.
  • Establishing security of the Network & Information system.
  • Training of the Department staff to increase the IT literacy
  • Managing & maintaining the functionalities of the E-licensing system.
  • New Customer Registrations to the licensing system.