Required documentation / Requirements

  • Duly completed application
  • Invoice (If necessary only)
  • Approval should be obtained from the Department of Animal Production and Health.
  • National Identity Card or A copy of the Applicant's Passport

Required documentation / Requirements and Procedures

  • Letter of Request for Import License
  • Application issued by the Department of Imports and Exports Control
    • Application should be duly completed and signed by the Importer with his seal affixed.
  • Where the importer is an organization,
    • Original and a photocopy of the Business Registration Certificate
  • Where the importer is an individual,
    • His National Identity Card or Passport and its photocopy
  • Pro forma Invoice issued by the Exporter or Supplier
  • Certificate of Cancellation of Registration (De-Registration) of the relevant vehicle and its English translation
  • Photographs showing front and back side of the vehicle
  • Bank Accounts Statements to confirm remittance of a sum exceeding US$ 50,000 to Sri Lanka during the last 3 years
  • Certificates to confirm the relationship between the donor and the recipient
  • Copies of the Passport and Visa (Dual citizenship, Resident Visa or Work Visa)
  • Submit the above documents required to obtain the license to the relevant Unit
  • Make payments to the Shroff using the Paying-in-Voucher issued by the counter with regard to the application approved by the Controller General
  • Submit the receipt issued for the payment to the Counter
  • After printing and signing the license, obtain the license from the Counter and its photocopies affixed with the seal confirming the issuance of the license

Amount payable at the end is different. The minimum rental is Rs. 1000.00

If all the files are correctly submitted to the department, you can get your license within few hours.

Download from the website or get from the department counter.