It has been decided to issue import licenses to importers registered under the scheme of TIEP (Temporary Import and Export Processing) when importing gold on a non-foreign exchange (NFE) basis. The necessary steps should be taken as follows.

  1. NFE approval should be obtained from the Policy Division of this Department and the relevant application for NFE approval should be completed from the official website of the Department and submitted to that Division.

          (Use this link to download the relevant application for NFE approval -

  1. After obtaining the NFE approval, the license for the import of gold should be obtained by Unit 05 in this Department. The application for the license should be downloaded from our official website and the completed application along with the recommendation of the National Gem and Jewelry Authority and all the relevant documents should be handed over to Unit 05.

        (Use this link to download the license application form -

  1. Registered under the scheme of TIEP, the gold should be used for re-exporting purpose only and should not be anyhow issued to the local market.