I issue the following instructions to prevent the further spread of the Covid 19 epidemic in society. Accordingly, I kindly request you to follow those instructions from 22nd April 2021. In accordance with the regulations imposed by the Gazette Notification No. 2184/21 dated 16th July 2020, I request you to take the following steps to obtain approval for the importation of goods that are temporarily suspended and on a credit basis.

  1. Complete the application form posted on the Department website and submit your file along with your instructions to the Section on the ground floor of this institution and obtain a number. (this number should be kept safe as it is required for your future activities).

       (Click here to download the application form)

  1. If it is capable to deal with your file, we will submit it to the relevant committee for approval and will notify you through the telephone number you provided to us upon approval. Accordingly, I kindly request you not to visit this institution or make telephone calls.
  1. I kindly request you not to submit paid or imported goods contrary to the instructions in the Gazette Notification.

I highly appreciate your support in controlling the Covid 19 epidemic.



Controller General of Imports and Exports