A decision has been taken to accept applications to consider extension of validity period of expired import control licenses issued during 2018, for importation of used vehicles, subject to the following conditions:

1. Amended license will be valid only for a period of 03 months to the maximum.

2. Amended license shall comply with vehicular emission standards / security measures (Vehicles not in compliance with the said emission standards / security measures shall be re-exported at the cost of the importer).

3. An amended license will not be amended again.

4. This concessionary period will be granted only for the period from 24.04.2019 to 24.05.2019.

5. Conditions will be included in the licenses in accordance with prevailing rules and regulations applicable to importation of vehicles.


T.V.D.Damayanthi S. Karunarathne 

Controller General of Imports and Exports