This Department has brought Chelated Minerals and Micro Nutrients under the control of Import Licenses for Plant Nutrients by Gazette Extraordinary No. 2238/45 dated 31 July 2021. Importers shall follow the steps below to obtain a license to import such items.

  1. Accordingly, applications for licenses for the following HS Codes should be submitted to Unit 03 of this Department.
  1. in order to obtain licenses for those items, applications should be submitted along with the recommendation of the Director of the National Fertilizer Secretariat issued after 31.05.2021.
  1. Any item under the following HS Codes which are loaded from 2021.05.06 to 2021.07.31 applications should also be submitted for those items with the said recommendation issued after 31.05.2021.

Use this link to download the license application form - Download Application

List of  HS Codes - View

T V D Damayanthi S. Karunarathne

Controller General of Imports and Exports