Activity Time frame
1. Issuing of gazette notifications on matters such as prohibition of import or export of identified goods, imposition of restrictions, amendment of regulations and issuing of gazette notifications publishing the items requiring license after introduction of new customs classification codes by the Department of Customs on timely requirements
2. Submission of these gazette notifications for the approval of the cabinet of ministers and the parliament
01 month or longer
3. Grant of approval for imports on the basis of non foreign exchange 20 minutes
4. Grant  of Approval for Director General of Customs and Bank on violation of Bank Regulations 01 hour
5. Grant of Approval for Release of Documents retained by the Bank due to violation of conditions of Payments Methods 01 hour
6. Grant of Approval for making Advance Payments at the instances of Exporters’ failure to submit Bank Guarantee 01 week
7. Grant of Approval for Re-exports 01 hour
8. Grant of Approval for Payments on the basis of Documents against Acceptance (D/A) and Open Accounts 20 minutes